100 Thoughts

I wonder how many thoughts I have each day? Well, that was one! As a curious experiment, I decided to write them all down, and this is a very small glimpse of about a thirty minute window into my brain lol!

  1. I wonder how many thoughts I have each day?
  2. I should write them down.
  3. Actually I will just do a blog post.
  4. After I finish my coffee.
  5. God, that photo is so gorgeous!
  6. I can’t believe I look that good.
  7. I am glad I wore that dress, it is just the right amount of skin showing.
  8. I need to leave feedback for Bede.
  9. I should go for a walk.
  10. Maybe I’ll go tonight, it is getting too light out to go now.
  11. Now, I better go now, I won’t want to go tonight.
  12. No more excuses, we are going walking.
  13. Those flowers are so pretty.
  14. I need to take a photo.
  15. I love the smell of jasmine.
  16. I wonder how that grass is so green?
  17. Their water bill must be astronomical!
  18. I wonder if this placement will go through?
  19. I wonder if the twins will be boys or girls?
  20. I hope they’re girls.
  21. I wonder if they will be named first?
  22. I wonder why you are not allowed to adopt in the NT if you are single?
  23. I wonder if I should tell them that they have made my day brighter?
  24. Or maybe not.
  25. They probably don’t remember me anyway.
  26. No one ever does.
  27. I wonder if I have ever made someone’s day brighter?
  28. I would love to swim with jellyfish.
  29. Maybe I could go to Thailand next year?
  30. Or Kirabati?
  31. That place sounds divine.
  32. Plus it is sinking, so I need to get the fast before it is lost.
  33. What a shame.
  34. It is hard to believe that islands can just disappear for good.
  35. How would that feel?
  36. Especially if you had lived there your whole life.
  37. Unfathomable really.
  38. I wonder if I can get out of cooking dinner tonight?
  39. Probably not.
  40. I’ll just do grilled fish and vegetables.
  41. It was so nice talking to Jen this morning.
  42. I miss her so much.
  43. Maybe my next holiday can be within Australia and I can visit her.
  44. And Sue.
  45. I wonder if these people are going to call me back or not?
  46. They are so slack!
  47. Gawd, Bella is so stinking cute!
  48. I’m so glad that she is mine.
  49. The house is so quiet.
  50. Too quiet?
  51. Hmm, I should probably see what Wyatt is up to.
  52. That email is so disappointing.
  53. I knew I shouldn’t get my hopes up.
  54. I do it every time.
  55. It is my biggest flaw.
  56. To be fair, they are right.
  57. Which is probably why it hurts so much.
  58. That’s ok, I will just do it again.
  59. How can it only be 12:30pm?!
  60. This day is dragging.
  61. I should probably start editing my manuscript.
  62. I don’t really want to.
  63. I am too restless today.
  64. If it is cold this weekend maybe I will cut out the pieces for Wyatt’s quilt.
  65. I really need to get that letter written for the Letter Museum.
  66. I wish I knew how to play the guitar.
  67. I should return those library books.
  68. I wish those darn birds would stop squawking.
  69. I wonder what I can put up to discourage them from sitting on my roof?
  70. Will it ever rain?
  71. Hopefully it won’t be a damaging storm like the last time.
  72. I wish I was in London right now.
  73. Actually, I had better not write that, it is a bit mean.
  74. I might text Sonya.
  75. If I tell him, and it is not returned, I will be mortified.
  76. And won’t ever be able to face him again.
  77. Which would be awkward considering who he is.
  78. There are so many things that I wish I could have experienced.
  79. It feels like it is too late for me now.
  80. Which is sad.
  81. Is it ever going to start getting colder in Alice Springs?
  82. I need to buy those books for Wyatt’s Kindle.
  83. I must remember to get him to work on his music reading skills too.
  84. My toe is so sore.
  85. I wonder how I managed to get a cut there?
  86. Probably on one of Bella’s bones.
  87. Ratbag!
  88. I don’t feel well.
  89. Stress maybe?
  90. I wish I knew how I could forget about it once and for all.
  91. Like, never, ever, think on it again.
  92. Oh my God, I love this song!
  93. I must put tissues on the shopping list.
  94. How is it almost Easter?
  95. Am I ever going to read that book?
  96. I really want to memorize the periodic table.
  97. Just for fun.
  98. Ooh, I could do it backwards!
  99. I wonder when tickets will be on sale?
  100. I need a lifetime supply of Lush products.