100 Things I Love…

In no particular order, here is a list of things I absolutely love.

  1. Being a mum (dream come true).
  2. England (the entire country), and everything English.
  3. Writing (my soul’s passion).
  4. My Filofax.
  5. The smell of rain.
  6. Snow.
  7. Travelling.
  8. Bees (one day I will own a hive and make my own honey).
  9. Taking photographs.
  10. Carnations.
  11. Baking.
  12. Drinks with ice cubes.
  13. Sewing.
  14. Stargazing.
  15. Paris Disneyland (so magical!).
  16. Staedtler triplus fineliner pens.
  17. Hot chip sandwiches (there is nothing better at the beachside).
  18. Cacti.
  19. The smell of Play-Doh.
  20. Kaisercraft products.
  21. Moonstone (the gemstone).
  22. Journaling.
  23. Having pink hair.
  24. Miniature anything.
  25. Collecting mint edition Barbie dolls.
  26. Making lists.
  27. Thrift shops.
  28. The colour pink, the brighter the better.
  29. The Majestic Princess cruise ship.
  30. Blogging.
  31. My penpals.
  32. Instagram.
  33. Princess Bella Abigail (my very spoilt dog).
  34. The author Milly Johnson.
  35. Thongs (as in the shoes, not the other kind).
  36. Zany, patterned socks.
  37. Kleenex eucalyptus tissues.
  38. Chocolate mousse.
  39. Collecting postage stamps (they are little works of art).
  40. City Chic clothes.
  41. Regular Skittles (I am kind of addicted to them).
  42. Getting snail mail.
  43. Royal Essence candles (they last for hours and hours).
  44. Card making.
  45. Competitions.
  46. The stamps in my passport.
  47. Psalm 91:11.
  48. Succulents.
  49. My letter opener.
  50. My Kindle.
  51. Bush walking.
  52. Quilting.
  53. Listening to music.
  54. Caramel pie.
  55. My lemon tree.
  56. Daydreaming.
  57. Ballerinas.
  58. Mills and Boon books.
  59. Guitarists.
  60. Jellyfish.
  61. My swizzle sticks.
  62. J’Adore by Dior.
  63. Ear plugs (seriously, I find it impossible to sleep without them).
  64. The Lush store in Oxford Street, London.
  65. The Periodic Table song.
  66. Hot cocoa.
  67. The mysterious possibility of mermaids.
  68. Reading.
  69. My sunglasses (I live in the desert, so they are a necessity).
  70. Pinterest.
  71. Rainy days.
  72. Walking along the beach (if only it wasn’t so far away from my desert home).
  73. Klorane shampoo and conditioner.
  74. My laptop.
  75. Flat shoes (I lack the coordination for heels).
  76. Playing board games.
  77. My sandwich press.
  78. Real estate reality TV shows (The Most Magnificent Homes in the World, Escape to the Country etc).
  79. My A3 desk planner.
  80. Christmas!
  81. Fantasy house plans.
  82. Snorkelling.
  83. Katie M Berggren artwork.
  84. Charm bracelets.
  85. The Loch Ness monster.
  86. Lip Smackers flavoured lip balms.
  87. The number 22.
  88. Psychology.
  89. Frilly aprons.
  90. Wax seals (for envelopes).
  91. Ikea.
  92. Stained glass.
  93. Neck massages.
  94. Coffee.
  95. Beachcombing (especially like to find driftwood and coral).
  96. Unusual earrings.
  97. My pillow.
  98. Cloud watching.
  99. Trying new things.
  100. My wall of quotes.

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