My Guilty Pleasure

We all have guilty pleasures, right? You know how they work, you enjoy them in the comfort of your own home, but most likely don’t advertise them. For some people, it is that sneaky chocolate, carefully hidden at the back of the freezer, that you indulge in before bed; for others it is binge watching entire seasons of The Bold and The Beautiful, quickly switching channels whenever anyone enters the room!

My guilty pleasure is approximately 12cms by 8cms, pastel coloured, with 200 pages of romantic scenarios, from the realistic to the outright ridiculous. If you guessed I was talking about Mills and Boon books, you would be spot on!

Oh, how I love these books! As with most readers of Mills and Boon, I have my favourite imprints, Sweet, Medical and Cherish at the top of my list, vintage or modern, and yes, I keep my favourite ones, boxes and boxes of them, to reread whenever the mood takes me.

Honestly, there is nothing nicer than spending an afternoon curled up with a Mills and Boon and a hot coffee!