Product Review: Smith’s Chips

Smith’s has recently brought out a new range of chips, including Spag Bol, and Mac n’ Cheese.

My son is completely obsessed with Spaghetti Bolognaise, and will, if allowed, eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! When I saw these advertised, I knew that I would have to buy a packet for him to try.

Visually, these are very appealing, with packets that resemble tablecloths – too cute!

I wasn’t keen to try either of these myself, I am a tried and true salt and vinegar gal, but curiosity got the better of me.

The Mac n’ Cheese ones were surprising good, I say surprisingly because upon opening the packet I was hit with the foulest stench, a bit like parmesan cheese, which completely turned me off!

I imagined the Spag Bol ones to be a bit of a cross between tomato and barbecue chips, which they are, and they are so yummy! These ones are our pick of these two.

These packs are 180g, and were on special at two for $6. I am not sure I would buy them again, but as a novelty item, they are certainly worth trying.