What A Rip Off!

We have two supermarkets in my small town, a Woolworths, and a Coles, situated within a block of each other.

Ninety Five percent of my annual shopping is done at Woolworths, as the supermarket is clean and spacious, the staff are friendly, the layout is logical, the prices are cheaper, there is a better range of products, and they stock a fresher range of produce.

This week however, I needed to pop into Coles for a few items that they had on special, and my total spend came to just over AU$30.

Coles is running a promotion at the moment, where for every AU$30 you spend, you get a blind box Stickeez toy, and there are a certain number to collect.

I am not usually a fan of collecting plastic junk, but curiosity got the better of me, so when offered a few, I accepted.

Here they are before being opened.

Coles (2)

And here they are once opened.

Coles (1)

So tiny! Coles has tried to market these as a way to encourage kids to eat more fruit and vegetables, which is odd as out of the six we received, only two were obviously recognisable, the others are very much open to interpretation!

I found these to be quite odd, and I wonder just what children these are geared towards. Obviously not those who are under 5 years of age, but would anyone over that age want these?

Anyway, I am glad I got to see inside the deceptively oversized packaging, but this junky gimmick is not a good enough reason for me to stop shopping at Woolworths.