Kitchen Star!

If I had to only use one kitchen appliance for the rest of my life, it would be, without question, my Breville Sandwich Press.

This little gem is my go to appliance for 99% of the meals I cook.

For those of you who don’t already have one, they come in various sizes and price ranges, from generic brands through to well known brands. Some have a flat surface for the food, others have more of a grill like surface.

So, what can you cook on this? What can’t you cook on this! Seriously, I use my sandwich press for practically everything, it is fast, easy to set up, and easy to clean.

Regardless of what I am cooking, I never use any oils on my sandwich press, as mine is a perfect non stick sandwich press. You may find that you need a little oil however, especially if your base resembles a ridged grill.

Sandwiches, croissants, English muffins,and pizza.

Make the sandwich, croissant or muffin, wrap in baking paper, then pop on the sandwich press. The reason I wrap it in baking paper first, is for easier cleaning. The sandwich, croissant or muffin will still get brown and crispy, without the mess. You can also reheat pizza this way.


If using crumbed fish, I pop it straight onto the press. If using uncrumbed fish, I wrap it in baking paper or foil first, for easier cleaning. Generally speaking, it takes around 12 minutes for crumbed fish and 8 minutes for uncrumbed fish, but this will depend upon the size and thickness.


This is a gem for cooking bacon – no spitting! Again, I wrap it in baking paper for mess free cooking. Bacon usually only takes a few minutes, depending upon how crispy you like it.


The best way to grill sausages, just remember to turn them around so that all sides get browned.

Chicken Breasts

I usually butterfly my chicken breasts, or cut them into strips, depending on what I am cooking them for. Then just grill them as you normally would.


This is my favourite way to cook steak, as I hate mess! Just grill it as you normally would.

Fried Eggs

Easy peasy. Just pop a metal egg ring onto the sandwich press, crack the egg into it, and close the lid so that it rests on top of the egg ring. You don’t need to flip it as the heat comes from the top and the bottom of the sandwich press.


I turn it on and let it get hot, then using a non scratch sponge and dishwashing liquid, I wipe it over until it is clean. As it is on and hot, it will dry immediately, just let it cool down before you put it away.