Product Review: Allen’s

When I saw that Allen’s had released a new product, Frooties, I was really excited. I love fruit chews, and the Allen’s brand, and was keen to try these.

Allens (2)

First off, the name irritates me. Why oh why do companies feel that it is acceptable to deliberately misspell words? This fact alone would stop me from purchasing this product again.

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Let’s talk about the flavours, as questionable as they are. Seriously, who comes up with these combinations? I personally loved the Blackberry and Apple, although no-one else in my house did. My son was the only one who enjoyed the Tangy Orange and Passionfruit; the Juicy Strawberry and Blueberry had a massive sour kick at the end, that even my sour loving son didn’t enjoy; and no-one found the Pineapple and Lime at all palatable.

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They were fairly soft, although whether this is down to the Australian summer, or the recipe I don’t know. The wrappers are bright and cheery, and they have silly jokes on them, which are completely kid safe.

I was really disappointed in this product, I had been expecting Allen’s to give the Natural Confectionery Company a run for their money, and instead, it isn’t a race at all. The Natural Confectionery Company is the clear winner in this case.