What If…

On their own, the words what and if are harmless, but when put together, they become a powerful phrase with the ability to make a normally sensible person second guess their every decision.

What if, what if, what if? People can spend hours tying themselves up in knots, consciously or not, torturing themselves with the various what ifs swirling around in their head.

What if I had said stayed? What if I had gone? What if I had studied less? What if I had studied more? What if i had learnt to ride a horse? What if I lost weight? What if I had smiled at him? What if I was more like my sister? What if I dyed my hair blonde? What if I was braver? What if I had chosen a career over children? What if I had followed my dreams? What if I sold the house?

What if, what if, what if? Thinking of what ifs is pointless, it is an endless hamster wheel of lost chances and broken dreams, only serving to bring discontentment and unease to those who choose to wander down that path.

I know that life is not easy, heck, half the time it isn’t even fun. I know that for some, you are not living the life you imagined you would be living, but there is a peace that comes with acceptance, if you can find it.

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