Weekly Recap

We have had a pretty disjointed week this week. My son started the week off with a mystery illness that resulted in a trip to the hospital and a referral for more tests. He has, as kids do, bounced back fairly quickly, and was even well enough to attend the church youth group last night.

I have been, and am still recovering, from a glandular infection this week, so have taken it pretty easy. By ‘easy’ I really mean I have binged Netflix, crafted a few pieces and spent way too much time on Instagram!

I dabbled with making a bullet journal, and am all ready for March, but have gone no further, as I am really not sure it is the kind of thing I would ever actually use. I will give it a trial and see.

On today’s agenda is teaching Wyatt to make a sausage and vegetable casserole in the slow cooker, and writing some penpal letters I want to get out on Monday.