This And That

Goodness me, this week has been so long, and it is only Thursday! The heat here in Alice Springs has been awful, and teemed with the humidity it has made the days unbearable. Not at all conducive to home schooling. Or baking. Or housework. Or anything really.

That said, Wyatt has managed to do quite a full load of schoolwork, including making peanut butter cookies for Home Ec, starting his pyjama’s for Sewing, and taking a typing test. That is us done now for a while. He worked all through the traditional school holidays so now it is time for him to have a week or two off.

We got to the local pool yesterday, which was lovely. We went in the middle of the day and avoided all the crowds. If this weather keeps up, we will be back again today and tomorrow.

I found a crafty group to join, and hopefully soon will be able to swap my handmade greeting cards with other like minded people. If anyone else is interested, shoot me an email.

Well, the clouds have been building as I wrote this, here is hoping it actually rains this time!