Product Review: Easter Egg

Being a lover of Wizz Fizz sherbet, my son was pretty excited to discover a Wizz Fizz Cream Easter egg, and, being the awesome mum that I am, I got one for him to try.

Wrapped in a fun, bright, colourful, inviting wrapper, this is an enticing treat, and the fact that it is a cream egg makes it even more mysterious. Once it is cut in half, there is a clear egg yolk and a white, which is pretty neat.

My son loved it, although he did feel that the combination of sherbet and chocolate together was a little odd. That said, he certainly wouldn’t say no if the Easter bunny brought him some more!

Unlike other varieties of cream eggs, this one only comes in the one size, and they are pretty expensive on a per gram basis, so I personally would not consider buying any more.