Home Schooling Update

With the heatwave we are currently experiencing, I have split our home school day into two sections, core subjects, and electives. Wyatt completes his core subjects first thing in the morning, and then after lunch, he does the electives. As those of you who live in hot and humid environments will know, it is easier to learn when it is cooler. Moving his electives to the afternoon means that if he skips one, it is no big deal.

For this term, his core subjects are: Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Word Building. His electives are: Art, Music, Computer Programming, Sewing, and Cooking. This term Wyatt has decided to try a different approach, instead of doing a bit of each subject every day, he wants to try doing one subject per day. So far it is working out better than the old system, he is completing two booklets and two tests each morning for most subjects, which is a good rhythm. He is keen to complete this term, as next term he is able to choose his own subjects, they are no longer allocated to him. He is desperately keen to study health science and touch typing, among other things.

I have a few fun assessments for Wyatt to complete this term, including making a pair of pyjamas and a jumper in sewing; and doing a self portrait sculpture in art. Next term it will be winter here, and our electives will include gardening and woodworking, and other cooler weather activities.

As we are home schooling, we work to our own schedule. Wyatt works all through the posted school holidays, and then, when everyone else is back in school, we take time off. Although nothing major is planned for this year, we may head to Brisbane in the second half of the year to do the science museums and art galleries, and to go to the theatre. There is a new Andrew Lloyd Webber show that Wyatt wants to see.

For my fellow home schoolers, have a great week, whether you are still on holidays or back studying.