Product Review: Ice Cream

I was lucky enough to score a free tub of ice cream this week, a limited edition put out by Woolworths, their Hot Cross Bun flavour.

I adore hot cross buns, although I do prefer mine without the fruit, and will happily hoard packs of them in my deep freezer so that I can get my fix well past Easter time. So as you can imagine, I was pretty excited to try this ice cream.

There are raisins in this ice cream, although if you are not a fan you could easily pick them out. The thing that struck me though, was hot warm the ice cream was. I was not expecting it to taste so hot. It felt as if I had just had a hot cider, and was just unpleasant for me.

My son also tried this, and he thought that it was more akin to a gingerbread house than a hot cross bun, and he, being obsessed with gingerbread, loved it. While my son will finish off the tub, I did not enjoy this ice cream, and would not buy it again.