How Does Your Garden Grow?

Despite the 45 degrees Celsius heat, I have been trying to get my little garden beds up and going, much to the delight of Princess Bella, who insists on ‘helping’ whenever she thinks I am not watching her!

I have replanted my cacti into a garden bed near the front fence, then replanted one of the cactus after Princess Bella thoughtfully dug one back up for me. There is a hollow stump in the middle of the patch, for decoration, and I hope to plant some Jade there soon.

I planted some strawberries and pretty flowers into a second garden bed, which my son then decorated with seashells we have hoarded over the years. Each day we go back out and fix the strawberries, as Princess Bella thinks they are hers, and will hop off her bridge and walk through them.

Finally, I have started to do my fairy garden, in an old wheelbarrow. It looks pretty cute so far, and was supposed to be much more ambitious, more like a village, but due to the heat, so far only one fairy has moved in. Maybe in winter more will join her.

While we were out at Bunnings getting some potted flowers, we saw a tree, that, in the right light, looked as if it had a koala sitting in it.