100 Things To Photograph

A list of things to photograph, from the tricky to the mundane. Things that make memories, and things that show a life lived.

  1. The hands of family members.
  2. A flag flying.
  3. Street art.
  4. Your face aligned with a book cover.
  5. Your collections.
  6. Fancy gates.
  7. The feet of family members.
  8. Statues.
  9. Fireworks.
  10. Street signs.
  11. Your own hands.
  12. A ballerina.
  13. Hair blowing in the wind.
  14. The front door.
  15. Your own feet.
  16. Ice melting.
  17. Stars.
  18. A mailbox.
  19. Close up of a flower.
  20. A melting ice cream cone and sticky fingers.
  21. A sunrise.
  22. A close up of leaves.
  23. The ocean.
  24. Sunlight glittering on a pool floor.
  25. A sunset.
  26. Theatre performers.
  27. Clouds.
  28. Hot air balloons.
  29. Umbrellas on a beach.
  30. Local and foreign money.
  31. Your favourite chair.
  32. The sky at dusk.
  33. Rain on a window.
  34. Waves lapping the beach.
  35. Your pet.
  36. Interesting architecture.
  37. Ripples in a puddle.
  38. A micro shot of an ant on a leaf.
  39. A collection of your favourite books.
  40. People at work.
  41. Your favourite drink.
  42. The Eiffel Tower.
  43. An overflowing laundry basket.
  44. The view of your town from the lookout.
  45. Wildflowers.
  46. A photo of any Walt Disney castle.
  47. The Christmas tree.
  48. A snippet of your hair.
  49. A sink full of dirty dishes.
  50. Rainbows.
  51. Your favourite Christmas ornament.
  52. Shadows.
  53. Lightning.
  54. Headstones.
  55. A bowl of candy.
  56. A waterfall.
  57. Shoe prints in the dirt.
  58. Candles.
  59. A sample of your handwriting.
  60. Shoes.
  61. A water fight.
  62. Reflections in water.
  63. A colour run.
  64. Christmas lights.
  65. Your sleeping child.
  66. Board game board and pieces.
  67. Planes taking off or landing at an airport.
  68. Tunnels.
  69. Halloween costumes.
  70. Train tracks.
  71. The disastrous meal you made.
  72. A selfie.
  73. You re-enacting an earlier photo of yourself.
  74. Smoke curling.
  75. Your favourite snack.
  76. The family dinner table, in all its messy glory.
  77. Bubbles blowing in the breeze.
  78. The central hub of your home, whichever room that may be, the lounge/the kitchen
  79. Clocks.
  80. A bridge.
  81. Chalk drawings on the footpath.
  82. A snow scene, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where it snows.
  83. A butterfly with wings outstretched.
  84. A colourful artists palette.
  85. A birthday party.
  86. Orange or lemon blossoms.
  87. Seashells.
  88. Hands holding lumps of hail.
  89. City skyline.
  90. Stained glass.
  91. Windchimes.
  92. A pile of letters received.
  93. Balloons.
  94. The sign welcoming people to your town.
  95. Trees, from the ground looking up.
  96. Supermarket aisles.
  97. Mountains.
  98. Food.
  99. Your local botanical gardens.
  100. Street stalls.

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