Fortnite Monopoly Review

A few months ago when it was announced that Fortnite Monopoly would be released in Australia, I went online and pre-ordered it for my son, who is obsessed with the video game version of this game.

The board game arrived on Monday, and we thought it was a perfect New Year’s Eve activity.

The board itself is smaller than an average Monopoly board, with only two properties per colour set. Free Parking is a missed opportunity, it would have been great to see it named the Battle Bus instead, and as game play goes, the space does nothing. Chance and Community Chest are now the Storm and a Chest.

There are two dice for this game, a normal numerical die, and one with images on it. You have a crosshair (you shoot someone and they lose health tokens), a wall (you put up a wall stopping other players from advancing until they complete the action), a bomb (destroys all walls and makes other players lose health tokens).

There is no money in this version of Monopoly, each player starts with 15 health points tokens, which you lose when you buy property, pay rent, get shot, or when you land on a Storm space. You gain tokens when you pass Go, when other players pay you rent, when you roll bandages, or when you land on the Campfire. You are never allowed to have more than 15 health tokens, and the winner is the one left standing. Once you are out of health tokens, you are out of the game.

In order to start the game, you choose your character, from dozens of options, then you simply land them on the board, not necessarily at the Start square. My son and I have played this game six times already, and I must confess that I love it as much as he does, which really surprised me, as I have never played the video game version.

Each game takes around 20 minutes each, if you like a quick game of Monopoly, then this is perfect. In fact, playing this version was quicker than playing the Monopoly Empire version, which is also a quick version.

I am so glad I bought this for my son, it made his day, and is now a firm favourite in our board game collection!

For those looking to buy this version, I bought mine online, from The Gamesmen.

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