Keeping Cool

Temperatures during the last few weeks have been nearly unbearable in Alice Springs, well into the forties, and no sign of dropping anytime soon.

Living in a house without air-conditioning or an evaporative air system means you need to be creative, which, luckily, we are.

Clothes go into the freezer to freeze before we put them on, bed sheets are soaked in water before using them, blocks of ice are placed in front of fans, water fights are commonplace, and moving as little as possible is a necessity.

We have also been using the local pool, three times a week, and loving it! We get there around 6am, with our snorkels and masks, and stay underwater for an hour or so. We must look a sight! We really love our local pool, our only complaint is that it is not open late enough. We would love to be able to enjoy a swim at eight or nine o’clock at night, but I guess there is not enough call for it.

If you are a local reading this, I hope you stay nice and cool. Please put a few buckets of water out in your yard for any animals that may wander in, and let’s hope this heatwave breaks soon, before someone gets seriously injured.