Baking, Prizes, and Reviews

This week has been quite a busy one in the lead up to Christmas, with a few lovely surprises. I received a prize in the mail this week, a gift card from Woolworths, which was nice to put towards the Christmas shopping. I also received a Secret Santa gift from the Reddit Secret Santa Exchange, a box of Wotsits, which are delicious cheese flavoured chips my son and I discovered in London last year, but are really hard to locate in Australia.

My box of new Kaisercraft colouring in books arrived, and we have been busy pouring over them. I adore these books, they come in dozens of themes, are printed on good quality paper, and the images themselves are clear, with lines that are not too thick. I would love to own every single one of their themed books one day, my plan is to colour them all in and then keep them as picture books.

Also this week I began preparations for my Christmas baking. I made a couple of batches of my son’s favourite gingerbread, and cut them out with his Gingerdead Men cutters from Fred, which look as if pieces have already been bitten off. We have had this set for years, and my son always wants them for Christmas. One year his great-Grandmother joined us for Christmas, and no amount of explaining it to her would get her to believe that he hadn’t already nibbled the gingerbread!

I also made my leaves, which will go on to one of my three varieties of Christmas spice cupcakes this year. I simply rolled out the fondant, pressed a washed and dried poinsettia leaf into the fondant to make the vein impression, and then used my holly and ivy leaf cutter to cut the leaf out. I dried them on a tray of scrunched foil, to give them all a slightly different shape. I thick they look fantastic, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Lastly, to top off my week, the moon and the sunrise have been gorgeous this week, and I was in the right place at the right time to snap a couple of photos which I am happy with.

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