I have spent the past few weeks getting the nursery ready for when I have a foster child placed with me. Although having a nursery is not necessary in order to have a child placed with you, it is vital to me that any child placed with me sees that they were waited for and wanted and welcomed, from the very first second.

So I have scrubbed furniture, made bunting, washed and folded all manner of clothes and toys, and arranged books. The walls were stripped back and painted white, with five different coloured stripes added to one of the walls to give it a pop of colour. Lastly, the floors were scrubbed and polished.

I am really pleased with how it looks, I have the necessities all in place, and I am sure the extra trimmings will come with time. The only thing I am disappointed with is the fact that I have been unable to find a cot mobile anywhere. My son had the most gorgeous Play-Gro one with jungle animals, that is now packed away in his treasure box, and I had so hoped to source another similar one for this nursery, but even Amazon and eBay have proved futile.

Once Christmas is over, I will start scouring garage sales for a cot mobile, as well as a highchair and port-a-cot, which are my last ‘essential’ items. Otherwise, it is just a matter of a few toys and rattles, and maybe a baby carrier.

I am so excited!