Model Days

My son had the chance to be a hair model this week, and leapt at it. We went to Express Cuts, in Alice Springs, and he opted for a cut, rather than a close shave, and when we arrived he was whisked to a chair and robed. There was an instructor, and several apprentices , all gathered around my son, and they spent ages talking about hairlines and crowns and temples, and discussing the pros and cons of various clippers, scissors and tools.

All up we were there for about two and a half hours, including waiting time, and my son had a blast! He came away with a really nice cut, short at the back, which is what I like in this heat, and spikey at the top, which is what he likes for his guitar playing style.

The haircut was free as it was for training purposes, my son learnt lots of hair facts and terms, and he was gifted a tub of hair gel to use on his new cut as well, which was so lovely of them.

I would do it again in a heartbeat.