Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I am linking up with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom, for Happy Homemaker Monday.
d75a58b8dc30a275bb0ae1e281fdd130The Weather…

Is so humid it is nearly impossible to get any sleep. Just sitting still is enough to sweat puddles, let alone actually doing anything.

Right Now I Am…

Sitting here enjoying a quiet coffee.

Things That Make Me Happy…

Organising my back shed. I have taken everything out, scrubbed it, laid planks on the concrete floor, chucked out stuff I am never going to use, reorganised plastic boxes, labelled boxes, and stacked them all up – in order. It looks so nice now, if it wasn’t so hot I would just stand out there and admire it for a little while.

As I Look Out My Window…

I see a stealthy stray cat stalking across my yard, safe in the knowledge that my dogs are inside asleep.

On My Reading Pile…

Nothing. I have bought us all Kindles for Christmas, so have been buying and stockpiling Kindle books in the cloud, just waiting for December 25. I predict this Christmas day will be very quiet indeed!

On My TV…

I saw “Almost Christmas” this week, and I must say, it was a lot funnier than I thought it would be! I would watch it again. This week I am hoping to catch up on the “God Friended Me” episode I missed, as well another Christmas movie.

On The Menu This Week…

Monday: Savoury mince and vegetables.

Tuesday: Shepherd’s pie with steamed vegetables.

Wednesday: Whole roast chicken with vegetables.

Thursday: Pasta with leftover chicken.

Friday: Meatloaf with steamed vegetables.

Saturday: Steamed vegetables with a cheese sauce.

Sunday: Spaghetti bolognaise.

On My To Do List…

Interview Santa for my blog.

Apply for university scholarships.

Print off some forms for university.

New Recipe I Want To Try Soon…

Custard and White Chocolate Bombs.

In The Craft Basket…

A trio of fabrics to cut for a quilt I want to make my son.

Lots of pieces of fabric to stitch together to make crazy quilt blocks.

Some baby quilts to sew.

Bunting to finish for my kitchen window.

Looking Around My House…

I am surrounded by Christmas, and craft mess, and it makes me happy.

From My Camera…

Princess Bella Abigail (1)
Surveying her kingdom.

My Simple Pleasure…

Writing, in any form.

Favourite Quote…



  1. lapaylor

    Oh the quote is so powerful… thank you for that. And I love the pic of your dog… so much love in a dog. I like you are surrounded by your craft mess and love it. And I also love to write, have been doing a story almost every day this month. Thanks for a wonderful post to read this morning.LeeAnna


  2. jehdld

    You know God Friended Me wasn’t on one Sunday night because there was some sort of Garth Brooks special, right? Unless you are talking about a different one…Season finale is next week. I really like that show. Hope you have a great week!


  3. Stacy Duncan

    It’s so fun to read about someone whose life is very different in a very different place! It’s very cold here! I love the photos of your animals 🙂 I’m glad I found your blog I look forward to getting to know you!


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