Advent Fun

I really love advent calendars, although it is very hard to find any non chocolate ones. I usually get a Lego one for my boy, but this year he opted for one from his favourite store, T2.

It is so pretty, designed to look like a story book, and filled with windows adorned with fancy gold numbering. Behind each window is a different tea bag for each day, featuring all his favourite blends: green, white and black teas. The inside of the flap features a joke, voucher, or trivia question each day as well, all about tea, which is fun.

Mum and I are doing a shared advent, with tealight candles! On day one you get a votive candle holder, and each day thereafter you get a new scented tea light. The only downside to the candle advent is that the candles are not individually wrapped in any way, so after a while they all smell the same. There are also no scents printed inside the flaps, so you are not sure what they are supposed to smell like in the first place.

Still, my loungeroom is smelling so pretty, with the mixtures of tea scents and candle scents.

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