How Hard Can It Be?

This weekend we sat down together and decorated Christmas cookies with royal icing, in million degree heat, using Ziploc bags instead of piping bags. When we started, we had grand intentions. I was going to do some pretty flood work, and make stained glass baubles; Mum was going to paint red robins and poinsettias, and Wyatt was going to try to make some that ended up in the tin, and not in his tummy!

Decorating cookies, as we soon discovered, is hard. And probably best done in winter. We soldiered on, trying various consistencies of royal icing, colours and patterns. Wyatt ate way too many and was ordered outside to run it off, mums were super thick when finished, and I so tired I needed a four hour nap to recover!

That said, what we did manage to make are all pretty in their own way, and we even found a use for the super thick one, as a money holder for our game of Christmas-Opoly!