Dream. Come. True!

Living in Australia, I miss out on all the Christmas traditions that I most yearn to try, a desire fuelled perhaps by the fact that they are, at least to me, unusual and new.

I would love to have snow, perhaps in another few hundred years the magnetic poles will shift and my desert town of Alice Springs will, in fact, have a snowy white Christmas.

Until then, I can dream about making snow angels and snowmen; having a snowball fight; building a snow fort; roaring fireplaces; having edible decorations that don’t melt in puddles; faux fur muffs; hot cocoa; and sledding.

There is one tradition however, that thanks to Cadbury’s, I no longer have to miss out on: Ugly Sweaters! I have wanted an ugly sweater for years and years, but, again, living in the desert, it is not only impractical, but really hard to find.

Imagine my joy when I stumbled upon Cadbury’s online store, full of wonderous gift boxes, and ugly sweaters! It arrived this week, and is even more perfect in real life. Simply gorgeous. My only regret is not ordering one for mum and Wyatt as well.