100 Things…Christmas Edition

I love lists. I love to make them, and I love to read them. I always find it really interesting seeing what other people have prioritised to do, or what they have classed as their Top 100. Heck, I even find shopping lists pretty revealing, perhaps it is the psychologist in me?

I am always making lists of 100 things to share with my pen pals, yet, considering how much I adore Christmas, I have never made a Top 100 Things I Love About Christmas list.

Well, that is about to change. I present to you, my list of 100 Things I Adore About Christmas, in no particular order.

  1. My pillowcase. Seriously. I have had the same Christmas pillowcase since I was a little girl, and I will be beyond devastated when it eventually disintegrates. It has an image of children on one side, all in various traditional dress, with the word for Merry Christmas in their language over their heads. The reverse side has Santa coming down the chimney. The one year I forgot to put it on, I felt bereft, and had to go out in the pitch dark to rummage in the storage shed until I found it.
  2. This ornament, I don’t mind admitting that I get teary eyed every time I place it on my tree.
  3. Going for a drive to see if we can spot any Christmas lights.
  4. Poinsettia. My favourite Christmas pattern and flower.
  5. Our Christmas village, that grows every year.
  6. My favourite Christmas book of all time, ever.
  7. The renewed feeling of hope in the air.
  8. Vanilla wafer sticks. I am not sure why, but Coles only has these out for the Christmas season, and they are super yummy!
  9. All the Christmas raffles. Seriously, I can not go past a raffle without buying a ticket, or ten.
  10. Gold coins. Every year in our Christmas stockings we always get a bag of gold chocolate coins, no matter how hard they are to find.
  11. My tree skirt. I have wanted one forever, and finally got a white faux fur one this year from K-Mart, thanks Mum!
  12. Making paper chains.
  13. Our super yummy punch, we have it every year at Christmas time.
  14. This funny book, also quite an accurate portrayal.
  15. My dangly Christmas candy cane earrings.
  16. Making our own bonbons.
  17. The colour red.
  18. My Christmas Tupperware.
  19. Breakfast! I always have my super delicious ham, cheese and banana croissants.
  20. The novelty bonbons we buy each year, like Twister, Guess Who, and last years favourite musical notes.
  21. The excitement that swirls around in December.
  22. Christmasopoly! I am not sure if you can still buy this game, we have had ours ever since I can remember.
  23. The fact that I can use my Stampin’ Up Gingerbread Man hole punch, for everything.
  24. These yummies. They have changed the recipe somewhat, they used to be a runny inside, but they are still as yummy.
  25. My son reading my favourite Christmas book out loud to me, without me having to ask him to, even though he is 13 years old. And he does *all* of the voices too.
  26. Arthur Christmas, the second best Christmas movie of all time, literally.
  27. I love all of the branding. My dog now owns a Schmacko’s treat tin, which has Santa on it, and is limited edition. I can’t tell you how desperate we are to find a reason to need to buy super expensive flour in the limited edition Christmas tin lol! I love that carrots are now hugely popular because they are ‘treats for reindeer’. I would love to be in charge of coming up with ways to rebrand items for Christmas, what fun!
  28. Popping candy elves.
  29. My Christmas tree bunting.
  30. Love Actually, the BEST Christmas movie of all time, ever. After all, how else can you spend Christmas day with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth without being arrested?
  31. Traditions.
  32. Quality Streets chocolates. As my family is English, we have had these in our house for every single Christmas since I was born. It would not be Christmas without some Quality Streets.
  33. My snowflake ring.
  34. Our Christmas tree shaped tin.
  35. Peppermint candy canes. I like to use them for eating, and for crushing up and decorating cakes and slices with. It looks so pretty sprinkled on top of a chocolate log.
  36. My Christmas carol tin.
  37. My mum’s chocolate log.
  38. The T2 advent calendar I have for Wyatt.
  39. The shops. Even when I don’t need to buy anything, going to the shops at Christmas is fun, soaking up all that atmosphere, seeing what people are buying, watching all the family drama that goes on.
  40. This ornament, a reminder of my favourite Disney movie, as well as our trip to Disney Paris.
  41. My wreath, although it is falling apart and is in need of a few repairs, it still goes up on the door every year.
  42. Our Hallmark Christmas musical train. Each carriage plays a different song, or you can join them all up with a never ending round robin. We got ours new last year, from Coles, and all up it was less than half the cost of the one in the link.
  43. Sprinkles, our Elf on the Shelf. Even though my son is now officially a teen, he still talks about Sprinkles, and asks me if I think he will still come.
  44. Prep and Landing, the third best Christmas movie.
  45. Singing Christmas carols.
  46. My Reece’s tin, I have had it so long I am not even sure where I bought it originally.
  47. My collection of Hallmark ornaments. We buy a new one for each family member every year. It is really nice to sit and look at everything, not just ornaments, but memories.
  48. The novelty napkins we buy because, when it comes down to it, who wants to do laundry on Christmas?
  49. My Christmas trees, all three of them.
  50. My sons collection of Nutcrackers. He chooses a new one each year for me to purchase, and we always seem to find a few extras at the Boxing Day sales. He dreams of having a collection like this one day.
  51. The nativity book we have had since I was in Kindergarten. It opens up and the covers tie together, and there is a loop so you can hang it up if you like to, like a big ornament.
  52. This series of ornaments we have collected over the years. All we need now is the super elusive display.
  53. The magical Santa key we have, that is placed on the outside of our door at bedtime, so that Santa can get in, as we have no chimney. Even at 13, my son puts it out.
  54. This ornament.
  55. Our collection of Christmas mugs. We try to get a new one every year.
  56. Hark the Herald Angels Sing, by Pentatonix.
  57. The gigantic bonbon we make and hang every year for our Annual Boxing Day Leftover Lunch. The bonbon measures approx. one metre long by 40cms high and is made from chicken wire and wrapping paper. Every person who comes to the lunch has a little treat inside. Also wrapped packages of lollies and chocolates.
  58. Oh Come All Ye Faithful, by Pentatonix. This is the BEST song for Christmas car karaoke. We sit in the driveway until we skip through to it, and then we turn the volume up as loud as we can handle, and head out to do groceries. Best fun ever.
  59. Our Annual Boxing Day Leftover Lunch, which is always a hoot. Everyone comes, with their leftovers. The rule is, you can’t buy something to bring, it has to be a leftover. One year we had one slice of ham and a million pounds of coleslaw!
  60. Santa’s Icy Pole Run, an annual tradition in Alice Springs. If you are a local, make sure you follow the Facebook page for updates.
  61. Our collection of novelty Christmas tins.
  62. This nativity set that I bought for Wyatt’s first Christmas in 2005. Even now, I can remember everything about this purchase. This set had only just come out, and I was desperate to get one. So the day the catalogue started we went down to K-Mart, and I was there before the doors opened. As soon as they rolled those doors up I raced the pram over to the front section (where they used to put their catalogue items) and there were only four sets there. I snatched one up as quick as I could and all but flew over to the checkout, my heart racing with adrenaline. It cost me $40 on special. He is 13 now, and still every Christmas he is the only one allowed to set up his nativity and if anyone else touches it they get told off. It is his most precious and favourite bit of Christmas.
  63. Making a topiary tree every year. Sometimes wee make big ones, sometimes small ones. Sometimes we decorate them with wrapped lollies, this year we decorated them with bits of ribbon and bells.
  64. This pretty accurate, and funny, book.
  65. All of my table linens. I have a gorgeous white damask looking tablecloth with red poinsettias all over it, as well as matching cloth napkins. Then we have embroidered tablecloths, hand made ones, some from Pottery Barn. All of them are very well loved, some we have had since I was a child, still loved and well cared for. We have so many in fact, that last year we ended up not using them all. Not making the same mistake this year, I can assure you.
  66. Our favourite food coma activity.
  67. My holly and ivy dinner set, complete with gravy jug, cups, salt and pepper shakers, and a cake server.
  68. This song.
  69. Santa photo’s. Are you ever too old for one?
  70. The photo cards I make every year, from SnapFish.
  71. Christmas t-shirts. Who doesn’t love a hideous shirt declaring your love of Christmas?
  72. The wall hanging we made from this tea towel.
  73. Scattergories, Christmas style. We made up our own Christmas related categories and use those to play with, such as: a gift you would return, something you would never eat for Christmas lunch, and something you’d wrap as a gift in an emergency.
  74. My Christmas tea towels.
  75. Roast beef with roast vegetables for lunch.
  76. This book, that we have had since I was really, really little. Apart from recipes, patterns for toys, and games, it also has a favourite story, Eloise at Christmas.
  77. Planning and shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for someone.
  78. The year we bought several of these pads and went on a decorating blitz.
  79. I don’t tend to get more than two or three, but I love Christmas cards. Especially ones with snowy scenes.
  80. All the pretties that Lush puts out.
  81. My mixed spice cake.
  82. My Morgan and Finch glass bauble place card holders. They look a little bit like this, only mine have red sequins inside the base.
  83. Listening to my son playing Christmas carols on his guitars, electric or acoustic.
  84. Doing Secret Santa!
  85. Drinks with ice cubes, I love the tinkling in my glass.. Since we live in the desert, that is pretty much all drinks during December!
  86. Call the Midwife Christmas specials.
  87. Our ancient, rather daggy looking, silver tinsel star. As far as I am concerned, it is the only thing that goes on the top of the tree, no matter what it looks like.
  88. My Barbie ornaments. This is one of many.
  89. The numerous crafty days we have in the lead up to Christmas.
  90. Making wish lists. This website is really great, because you can choose to make your list secret or public, so you can have a list of the things you are buying for others, and they will never know.
  91. My Christmas stocking, which I have had since I was very little. Made by my mum from a panel, it features Santa, and even has the original gold bell mum stitched on.
  92. Our annual tradition of making gingerbread men and houses, and then hosting a gingerbread house decorating party.
  93. All of the competitions that are run around Christmas time.
  94. Pavlova. Decorated with strawberries, flake, whipped cream and kiwi fruit. Yum!
  95. Taking photographs.
  96. Midnight mass and Christmas carols.
  97. Christmas train sets, we really need to buy ourselves one.
  98. Christmas stockings. I don’t care how old you are, if you are staying at my house on Christmas Eve, then you wake up to a stocking brimming with goodies. Not a store bought one, but one where we have shopping and wrapped and stuffed it all in there ourselves. To me, the Christmas stocking is even more important than anything that could ever be under the tree.
  99. Garden stakes. I have elves and Santa, but I don’t have the cute doggy yet. Hmm, I think we need to go to K-Mart!
  100. Our Christmas Eve tradition of sausage rolls, dip and crackers, and movies.

I hope you enjoyed reading my list! If you make one of your own, post the link in the comments, I’d love to read it.