School Daze

We are now firmly in our schooling routine, deciding to work straight through the December and January mainstream school holiday period, and enjoy our school break at a more relaxed time.

Excursions are every Monday and Thursday; pool visits are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and guitar lessons are Tuesdays. We work through Math, Science, Grammar, Word Building, Social Science and Literature in the mornings; and the afternoons are spent with Home Ec, Art, chores, special projects, guitar practice, and playing.

We use a timetable of sorts, without the times, to keep track of what work is required for each day, and Wyatt crosses it off as he completes it. His goal is to complete year 10 by the time he turns fourteen, so within the next nine months. As with everything, it is flexible. Next week his focus is on guitar practice as he is doing an all day performance at the local schools, playing Christmas carols with his String Theory group, followed by a performance at the local Friday night Christmas markets.