It’s In The Bag

I recently stumbled upon a Facebook post by Science at The Australian National Museum, called What’s In Your Bag? It was so interesting to me, that I have decided to not only give you the link so that you can read it too, but also share with you what is in my bag.

This is everything that I carry in my bag.

Inside my bag

  1. A pack of wet wipes, because I hate germs and gunk.
  2. My wallet.
  3. Car keys.
  4. Orange keys for the shed and some random other keys that look like they should be kept until I work out what they unlock.
  5. Old work ID and locker keys.
  6. Two Disney inspired lip balms. Living in the desert, you can never have enough lip balm, and Disney is cool.
  7. My mobile phone (not pictured).

And that is it. What do you carry in yours?