Sometimes my son will be talking about something and I will have no idea what he is talking about. I don’t mean that he uses some teenage slang, like “yeet” (although he does, and it drives me crazy!), but rather that he speaks about subjects on which I have no understanding.

My son will happily talk for hours about various codes he uses in order to move objects in the latest game he is coding, and I will listen and make the appropriate mum responses like “oh, I see, that was really clever”, and all the while I sit there thinking ‘you are one of the smartest people I have ever met’.

I recently had him sit some diagnostic tests, and the results came back in this week. While his birth age puts him at Grade 7, his tests put him at Grade 9, and he is on track to receive his Grade 10 Certificate at the end of next year!

Sometimes I just sit and think about how very blessed I am to be able to be this little man’s young man’s mum, and how very lucky.