Happy Homemaker Monday

Today I am linking up with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom, for Happy Homemaker Monday.
d75a58b8dc30a275bb0ae1e281fdd130The Weather…

Is hot, always hot, but then again, I am living in the desert in the middle of Australia. At least we do not have much in the way of humidity.

Things That Make Me Happy…

My son’s test scores! Age wise he fits into Grade 7, but academically he fits into Grade 10.

My son did really well with his school work yesterday, next to no distractions.

As I Look Out My Window…

I can see all of my twinkling Christmas lights – strawberries, reindeer, icicles, and regular bulbs.

On My Reading Pile…

Nothing. I have bought us all Kindles for Christmas, so have been buying and stockpiling Kindle books in the cloud, just waiting for December 25. I predict this Christmas day will be very quiet indeed!

On My TV…

I saw “The Meg” this week, which was pretty funny.

I also have “The Man Who Invented Christmas”, “The Hitmans’ Bodyguard”, “Almost Christmas”, “The Princess Diaries” and “The Princess Diaries 2”, waiting to be watched. My son loves “The Princess Diaries”, but he has never seen the second one, so we are planning a marathon for later in the week once all the school work has been completed.

On My Plate For Dinner Tonight…

Chicken in some form. I am proud to be a thrifty shopper, stretching a dollar further than anyone I know, and this week I managed to score 6 packs of chicken fillets at $4 a pack, 4 whole chickens and $4 each, and 6 trays of shepherd’s pie at $3 a tray. I have a deep freezer, which makes it easy to portion up and freeze for later use. So this fortnight our meals feature heavily with chicken, next week it could be beef.

On The Menu This Week…

Monday: Chicken fillet with mashed potato, steamed sweet potato, steamed carrot and steamed broccoli.

Tuesday: Shepherd’s pie with vegetables.

Wednesday: Whole roast chicken with roast potatoes and roast pumpkin (skins on).

Thursday: Leftover chicken, shredded, added to pasta and sauce.

Friday: Toasted sandwiches.

Saturday: Steamed vegetables with gravy.

Sunday: Chicken fillets with steamed vegetables.

On My To Do List…

Interview Santa for my blog.

Apply for university scholarships.

Sew a badge onto my son’s String Orchestra uniform.

Make a list of places to visit for an excursion in 2019.

New Recipe I Want To Try Soon…

Tim Tam rocky road.

In The Craft Basket…

Just a few papercrafts to use as props for Sprinkles, our Elf on the Shelf.

Tips And Tricks…

As I discovered this week, WD40 is great for removing Blu Tack off walls.

Looking Around My House…

I really need to find a way of getting my toilet to stop whistling.

From My Camera…

My dog *loves* listening to my son playing his guitars, she races around the house until she finds him, and then she sits quietly and listens, wagging her tail and looking completely blissed out. I snapped this photo this week, my son is learning Christmas carols, and both of them just looked so happy together!

Wyatt Guitar (6)

My Simple Pleasure…

Making a Wishlist on Giftster. I am pretty addicted actually, it is so much fun! You can have private ones as well, so you can make a list of things your kids want for Christmas, and add things every time they mention something, then you have it all in one place, and they can’t snoop at your list.

Favourite Quote…




  1. Rebecca Knox

    I understand about the dog loving to hear your son play the guitar. We had a cat that loved sitting on the piano bench next to our daughter when she played and his tail twitched in time to the music like a metronome! He and his brother, sister, and mother loved to “sing” to the harmonica. We called them “The Harmonicats.” LOL! Blessings for a great week ahead!

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  2. lapaylor

    brilliant son! And a musician… dogs are notoriously discerning when it comes to music! I like your movie list… I’ll be right over… er… maybe not but wish I could see your twinkling lights

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