Well, This Is Awkward

I had to pop into a government run agency today to update some details, and I took both my mother, and my thirteen year old with me.

After we all waited together, I was called up to the service desk, at which point the clerk and I engaged in the following conversation:

Clerk: Are you 65?

Me (Assuming it was a silly blunder and giving her a chance for a do over): Excuse me?

Clerk: Are you 65?

Me (Realising that she is in fact, completely serious): No.

Needless to say, the jokes continued all day:

Teenager: Come on Mum, let me help you out of the car, you know how your knees get!

From My Mum: Carry your mum’s bag, you know how heavy she finds it.

Me: No wonder I am always so tired, I should be slowing down at my age.

Goodness me! Does this look like the face of a 65 year old?!

Kathleen and Wyatt