DIY Weekend

We have had a pretty chill weekend, and managed to get a few things done, which I had been eyeing off for a while now.

We are huge lovers of board and card games, and each of us have specific places we must sit for each game. I *have* to have the brown properties facing me when we play Monopoly (Old Kent Road and Whitechapel Road, or their equivalent), whereas my son *must* be facing the the dark blue properties (Mayfair and Park Lane, or their equivalent). This causes issues as we also have our regular seats at the table, and they do not line up with our board game preferences. I know, crazy right?!

The solution? A 50 centimetre squared wooden lazy Susan. It took an hour or so to measure, cut and build, and it was then painted white. Most of our board games fit on it without any issues, of course the one I wanted to play, and subsequently took a photo of, was about a centimetre too big for the board!

We added some large bulldog clips to two of the edges, just to help the board stay put as my son has a rather heavy hand when it comes to swiveling the lazy Susan. It made playing so much easier, and I love it!

The other DIY was much larger, and apart from directing, I pretty much left my mum and my son to their own devices. I have a room off my master bedroom, which must have been an ensuite at one point, or maybe a walk in dressing room. When I moved in, it had been turned into a large study, with built in desks along both walls. As there is already a study in the house, with four work stations, I removed the desks and it has been used as a storage junk room.

This weekend, it got a fresh coat of white paint, some colourful stripes were added to the feature wall, and the floor was scrubbed back and polished. It is now the nursery. For those who know me, you know I have wanted to be a foster mum for ever so long, and now it is finally all coming together.

While you do not need to have a nursery ready in order to have a child placed with you, I want to make sure everything is as ready as it can be, so that they feel like they are wanted and cared about from the moment they first come through my front door. I now have my eyes peeled for a cot and change table to add to the room.