Queen Cinnamon Flavour

I have had this tube of Queen Cinnamon Intense Natural Flavour sitting in my pantry for a while, and as I was testing out my new oven, I thought I would test this out as well.

When I first opened this tube, the smell hit me with such force that I honestly wondered if I would even be able to use it at all. The tube suggests starting with a teaspoon full in a normal mixture of icing, and then adding more to taste.

I mixed up a basic icing, with icing sugar and water, and left it white. I added 3 squiggly drops of the Queen Cinnamon Intense Natural Flavour, and mixed it through.

I used the icing to decorate a batch of orange cupcakes, and then tried them out on my test subjects, AKA the family, with a unanimous result.

They were yummy, and the icing was scrumptious. I am really glad that I did not add an entire teaspoon of the Cinnamon, as it would have been way too overpowering for us.

I love the Queen brand, and go out of my way in order to find their products rather than use anything inferior, as far as I a concerned, it is not a proper cake if you didn’t use Queen!