Learning Fun

I am always coming up with ways to make home schooling fun and a bit different, this game is one of those ways. I have no idea if this game actually exists in the world somewhere, but in any case, this is all my own design.

It consists of the board, school bucks, property cards, chance cards, and lunch box cards. The board is made up of properties (just like in Monopoly), including Lunch, History Highway, Painting Place, and Literacy Lane.

The chance cards are made up of fun ways of learning, such as watching the news and then explaining why one item stood out, and cover several topics at once, such as social studies and media studies.

The Lunch Box cards are a mixed bag, sometimes they allow you to get a question answered for you by an adult, other times they require you to do a math problem involving three numbers of four digits each.

As I based this format on regular Monopoly, the aim is also to buy and collect property sets, which can then be traded in for a treat from my coveted ‘gift drawer’, and can include anything from novels and fancy coloured pens, to Lego minifigs and pots of slimey goo.

I didn’t use anything fancy to create this game, I simply used Microsoft Word and a colour printer, and I laminated all of my pieces in order to keep them long term.