Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, your branches green delight us!

I have my trees up and they look gorgeous, even if I do say so myself! The main tree in the lounge room is covered in twinkly lights, and my entire collection of Hallmark ornaments, lovingly build up over the years.

This one is like my memory tree. It has the crib ornament for baby’s first Christmas, as well as all the numbers up to 5, which is as high as they go. After that we graduate to my son’s obsession for that year: a fire truck, cowboy, and star wars.

There is the ornament for when I purchased my first home, the Disney characters commemorating our first trip to Disney, and the Barbie doll ornaments from a dear friend who remembers that I collect vintage and retro Barbie dolls.

The workbench for when I renovated my house, the dog that looks just like my fur baby, the carousel animals that started with a kangaroo, and dozens more! For me, this tree is not just ornaments, it is years and years of love and memories, added to each year, when we all choose one new Hallmark ornament each. A tradition I cherish, and hope to continue until my last breath.

Our second tree (not pictured) is in the rumpus room and has pretty much everything else on it – acres of tinsel, decades of mismatched baubles, and random crafty bits.

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

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