Watermelon Dessert

It is the hottest November we have ever had here, literally! It is only spring but already I feel as if I am melting.

With today being a balmy 39 degrees Celsius, I decided that the only sensible thing to do would be to eat some watermelon.

Ice cream that is! I usually add a white stripe between the red and green, but it melted so fast today, and we were so hot, so I didn’t bother.

Start with 2L vanilla ice cream. Put one third into a bowl and place the rest back in the freezer. Soften your one third, and then dye it a green colour, and using a spatula smear onto the inside of a bowl. I use a glass bowl, but metal or plastic is fine. Whatever you use, make sure that you line it with cling wrap first. Once the green is spread inside the bowl, place in the freezer. It needs to be set firm before you do the white or red bit.

If you are going to add a white stripe, soften a bit of white ice cream, and once the green has set hard, smear the white on top of the green. The white layer should be very thin. Replace in the freezer to set.

Take the remaining ice cream, soften, dye red, add a packet of chocolate chips, and mix. Put the red mix into the bowl, don’t worry if it doesn’t come right up to the edge, and smooth the top as much as you can. Replace in the freezer to set.

This can take several hours to set, overnight is best if you have the time.

When you are ready to serve, take a metal biscuit tray, and place the bowl of ice cream upside down on it. Let it sit for a minute, then lift the bowl off, and peel off the cling wrap. Using a sharp knife dipped in boiling hot water, slice your watermelon and serve.


Watermelon Ice-cream