Gosh, I feel as if this little island paradise redeemed all of Fiji and New Caledonia combined. The day was simply gorgeous!

We anchored off Mare and tendered to shore, where we were met by singing and dancing, and some nice markets. We then caught a ride on the most crazy looking bus I have ever seen. Honestly, I am not sure if this is what it was called or not. It resembled a bus in so far as there were two seats, then an aisle, then two more seats. However, unlike every other bus I have ever ridden in, the aisle did not remain an aisle. There was a fold down seat between each pair of seats, meaning the aisle was completely full of people! Insane, and more than a little squishy!

Arriving at Yejele beach was stunning, white sand and clear water as far as you could see. We were the first bus load to arrive, a bright and early 8:20am, so had no competition for a place to sit or to swim, which was nice.

You could hire kayaks, chairs, scooters, and even snorkels for those who left theirs behind. The beach was framed by market stalls offering everything from massages and kebabs to hair braiding and fresh coconuts. There was ample shady trees for shelter and the water was the perfect temperature!

Once in the water, we donned our snorkels and headed out to explore the many coral reefs on offer. The best thing about the reefs here is that is it accessible to everyone, as the water is roughly 1.5m deep, so even those not very confident with swimming have a chance to see some coral reefs.

The water is perfectly clear, and we saw all manner of pretty fish and plant life. I had brought a couple of underwater cameras for my young man to use and he happily swam and snapped away until hunger forced him from the water.

We were very lucky to have been the first to arrive, as when the crowds descended about 1pm, we were ready to go back for lunch. If I had my own yacht, I would sail to Mare, and anchor, and laze away my days with snorkelling and beachcombing!