Noumea is an interesting little place, very pretty in the touristy areas, where they keep the slums hidden. 

We took the Tchou Tchou Train around the island on a short discovery tour. 

We learnt some interesting facts from our guide, such as: in Noumea you start school at age 3; and attend from 7:30am until 3:30pm weekdays, except Wednesdays when you stay until 10:30pm!

We were told that houses with red roofs belong to the rich residents, and generally cost upwards of $3 million Australian dollars. 

The majority of residents live in slum cities, with numerous families stuffed into one or two rooms, unable to pay rent elsewhere. The average worker in Noumea makes $5 per hour. All food is imported, making it very expensive. At the time of our visit, carrots were $10 per kilo; minced meat was $30 per kilo; strawberries were $15 for 250 grams; and bananas were $10 per kilo. 

It makes you realise how blessed you are to live in Australia, truly the greatest and luckiest place on Earth.