Coming Up Roses

Just as with the other napkin folds, your napkin does not have to be a perfect square. It does, however, need to be either made from a stiff fabric, or well starched, as this helps to keep the shape.

Start with a square napkin, fold in half to form a triangle.

rose (1)

Take the long edge, and fold it over once, about two or three centimetres. Fold it over again.

rose (2)

Fold it over a third time.

rose (3)

Starting at one end of the long edge, begin to roll your napkin up.

rose (5)

Stop when you get to this point.

rose (6)

This is the tricky part. Holding it like this, you need to tuck that leftover end into most outer layer of your roll.

rose (7)

Just like this.

rose (10)

Then, take your roll in your non dominant hand, like so.

rose (11)

Now for the really tricky bit. Keeping that roll in your hand, use your other hand and place your bunched up fingers into the top of the napkin, and fold it down over the roll. A bit like paring up socks.

rose (12)

Once you have finished folding it over, it should look like this.

rose (13)

You can adjust it a bit, and it will be a various sized bloom depending upon how tightly you roll the napkin.

rose (14)

Isn’t it adorable?!