That’s Sydney For You

My son and I had a few days stay in Sydney between our cruises, and honestly, Sydney is just the pits!

We thought we would try some attractions that we haven’t had the chance to try before, but we would have been better off staying at the hotel!

We tried the Museum of Contemporary Art, which had a really interesting exhibit using fluorescent lights, which we both enjoyed. However, the sculpture garden and interactive learning centre were both closed, and the only other exhibit was on Asian art which didn’t interest us.

We tried the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium, which was honestly so bad I can’t even find the words to describe it to you. I checked on Trip Advisor and it has 4 stars – what?! I think Sydneysiders must have some seriously low standards! This place was dirty, dingy and dark, and the exhibits were either closed or depressingly in need of some major refurbishments. We did manage to see a penguin nesting on an egg, bit still, we couldn’t leave this place fast enough.

Next door is Madame Tussaud’s, but after visiting the one in London last year, this one was a complete disappointment. The wax statues were not as well made, nor as recognisable without having to read their labels, and the background props were lacking in finesse. Considering the exorbitant cost of admission, we had not expected to be finished in under 30 minutes!

On the plus side, we did find a Donut King (there are no donut shops in Alice Springs), and enjoyed many a fine jam ball and Halloween themed donut – yummy! And the hotel room we stayed in was lovely, spacious and large windows overlooking the cruise terminal, we had great fun watching ships coming and going. We also had some lovely boat rides on the harbour, and the view from under the Sydney Harbour Bridge is just stunning.