Princess Pop Choir

One of the coolest things we did aboard the inaugural voyage of the Majestic Princess from Sydney to New Zealand, was the Princess Pop Choir.

There were about 40 men and women who signed up to sing, and there was a rehearsal every sea day. As keen as I was to sign up, I wanted to photograph Wyatt more, so became his ‘personal photographer and agent’ as I overheard him say to one guest!

The choir had the honour of singing twice, once at the Octoberfest celebrations, and then again at their own specific concert on the second last sea day. At Octoberfest they sang one song, Edelweiss; and at their concert they sang four songs, plus an encore.

The songs they performed were Under The Boardwalk (complete with dance moves); Edelweiss (as a round); Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars; Lean On Me; and I Can See Clearly Now.

They sounded fantastic, especially when you consider that they have only had five rehearsals each only an hour long, and have never met before they started the choir aboard the Majestic Princess.

They had a huge turnout to watch them, and afterwards I received a lot of compliments for Wyatt, including one man who came to say thank you, and that he had felt so proud watching Wyatt perform, even though he had never met either of us before the performance. Very sweet.

Each of the choir members received a Princess Pop Choir badge, and after the performance were treated to orange juice and champagne, which was nice seeing them all celebrate together.

If ever you get the chance to join a cruise ship choir, I would certainly recommend it. It is so much fun, and you get to meet all sorts of interesting people.