Emirates Review

Oh dear heavens, travelling on Emirates was an amazing experience. I’m almost sorry we had the chance to experience it, as now whenever we travel on Qantas it will feel like we are slumming it.

My son and I were originally booked with Qantas, but due to operational requirements, we were switched to an Emirates flight. I have always thought of Emirates as being a classy airline, everything about them screams style.

What. An. Experience!

We flew economy, like most of the world. The first thing you notice about Emirates is the seats. They are so big! I mean, seriously big. Business class size big. There is so much room, a point I feel can’t be stated enough. And the seats feel luxurious, they are cream, and although I am not sure what they ae made of, they look like leather.

The seat tray slides out as a skinny tray with a cup holder, you can then fold it out again, for a large sized tray. Even with the seat down in front of me, I could fold my tray out to the large size, and pull it towards me, and still not have it in my lap, like I do on other airlines. This is because you get so much extra space on Emirates.

The plane we flew on had, next to the seat tray – wait for it – a coat hook! Swoon moment right there.

The staff were all wonderful, and looked amazing in their uniforms, and the food was actually really yummy. We both tried the lamb sausages with mashed potato, carrots and peas; which was served with a chocolate mousse cake, bread roll, actual butter, a pasta salad, water, and in case you are still hungry, crackers and cheese! Presented on a tray with a tray liner, a moist towelette, and real, proper, actual cutlery! It also had all the coffee, tea, juice or soft drink you needed. For the first time in my life, I actually ate all of the airplane food.

When it comes time to sleep, you get your pillow and blanket, and once the lights are switched off, you are treated to an amazing display of real constellations and stars shining on the ceiling courtesy of tiny lights. Pretty cool!

Honestly, this was the most amazing experience I have ever had while flying, and from now on, whenever possible, I will be certainly flying with Emirates.


The kids pack that Emirates gives out.