Universal Studios

Universal Studios in Singapore was so much fun, that I am going to break it down into individual blog posts.

Universal Studios in Singapore is not large by other park comparisons, but it has been designed in a spacious way, so that it never appears too crowded. The various lands in Universal Studios all flow seamlessly around a central path, that runs in a circular fashion around the entire park, making it impossible to ever be truly lost.

My son and I both love theme parks, for different reasons. He loves all the death defying rollercoasters and rides, whereas I adore all the theming and props. At Universal Studios Singapore, they managed to get both aspects right.

We purchased tickets to Universal Studios on the website Klook, and basically managed to get a two day pass for the price of a single day, which was great as it meant there was no real hurry to fit everything in. The park opens at 10am daily, but the closing time varies so make sure to check the posting on the board as you enter.

We spent almost 6 hours here on each day, and managed to do everything on each day, several times. This will be different for each family obviously, depending upon if you rush through, or have toddlers and so on.

The wait times were really good, up until lunch time, most rides were a 5 minute wait. Transformers was up to a 60 min wait by 11am, Jurassic Park Rapids was up to 70 mins by 1pm, and the Cylon and Human Battlestar Galactica lines were at 115 mins by 11:30am, so if you intend to do these, plan accordingly.

Universal Studios offers a priority queue system, which costs $50 per person, for a single ride on each of the attractions offering priority. For $70 per person, you can get unlimited rides on each attraction offering priority. We did not get this, and even at peak periods, my son never waited longer thanĀ  20 mins. His secret? Go into the single rider line, every ride at Universal Studios has one, and as long as you don’t mind not going together, you can significantly cut your waiting times down.

We were really glad that we had a two day pass, and enjoyed every minute of both days. We liked all the rides and attractions, and it was fun to see all the adults lining up for the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Race, I even heard one mum saying to her daughter who looked to be around eleven, “oh please come with me, I’ll pay you fifty bucks”! Even I queued for Oscar the Grouch, which was totally worth it!