Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is quite a small zoo when compared to Taronga Zoo or London Zoo, although the unrelenting humidity makes it feel a lot bigger!

The zoo is well laid out, divided into different zones, including Australiasia, Big Cats, and Wild Africa. There is a tram that goes around the main areas, and has four stops. At $5 for adults and $3 for children for an unlimited day pass, it is money well spent!

All the areas are disability accessible, with lots of wide covered walkways. There is one restaurant, and a host of carts selling a variety of items such as slushies, chips, souvenirs and umbrellas. There is only the one gift shop, where you can get postcards for $5 each, magnets for $7 each, and a variety of other items. My son chose a 22cm otter plush, for $8. There are also a couple of cafes outside the zoo entrance, and dotted throughout the zoo are drink bottle refill stations. You pay $2, pop your drink bottle under the spout, and fill it up with cold spring water, reducing land waste with the consumption of single use water bottles.

We were finished in around three hours, however we skipped the Australiasia section as we had no desire to see more Kangaroos! Also, we are not encumbered by strollers and small legs, so are able to move more quickly.

We took the SAEx bus to the zoo, it collects you from your hotel, and drops you back, and is $15 per person, return. The journey takes approx. an hour, depending on traffic.


A cute trio of otters.


This little fellow is a Raccoon Dog.


Known in my house as a Rhinosaur.


Two Rhinosaurs.