Best Day

We had a slow start to the day today, sleeping until 8:30am, before heading to the pool for a game of Marco Polo. Eventually hunger got the better of us and we headed downstairs for some lunch.

On the way to lunch we stopped in at the pharmacy to buy a knee brace, as I managed to twist my knee yesterday at the zoo, and could barely walk once we were back to the hotel. We actually went down to the pharmacy last night, only to discover that the quaint sign we had seen elsewhere in the week, stating ‘open until we close’, was not, as we had assumed, a humorous sign, but rather a legitimate sign! It turns out that shops in Singapore are actually open until the close, regardless of what opening hours are posted on the door.

After lunch we stopped off at Cold Storage and picked up some apples and a few local treats, before heading back to the pool with our picnic, where we stayed until the wind eventually drove us back to our room for a night in with Fox Movies.