KidZania Singapore

KidZania is the most amazing attraction, I am so glad we discovered this gem! There are various locations worldwide, including London, Brazil, Mexico; as well as more planned, including one in the USA.

Admission to KidZania is $58 for kids, $25 for toddlers and seniors, and $35 for adults. This includes $20 KidZos (the currency used in KidZania) in cash, and another $30 on a debit card.

KidZania is an interactive role playing theme park where kids can experience over 60 professions in a realistic way. KidZania Singapore is set over 81,000 square feet, and includes careers in Aviation, Banking, Health, Law Enforcement, Insurance, Hospitality, Chemistry, Acting, Media, and much more.

Each career is set up in a bricks and mortar location, and has a sign on the door setting out what you need to have in order to work there, and what the wage will be. Some professions require you to hold a university degree, or an insurance card, or a passport. To get a university degree kids pay $30 KidZos, and can graduate in whatever field they desire. My son graduated with a degree in BioChemical Engineering. Once you graduate you get a card which allows you to earn extra money on certain jobs requiring your skills, which is nice.

There are jobs for all skill levels and interests, and you can’t go 2 metres without seeing a bench or tables and chairs to sit at. They even have a parents only coffee lounge, serving a range of coffees and sandwiches for under $5.

We spent just over five hours here, and was able to complete 13 careers! I was blown away by this attraction, if we lived locally we would hold annual passes to here.


Making liquid hand soap.


Reporting for the Discovery Channel.



You get to keep the recording you make at this radio station.


You get to keep (and eat) this pizza – yummy!



The ambulance and fire engine really drive around helping people.

We had the best time here, if you are ever lucky enough to get the chance to go, don’t hesitate.