Gardens by the Bay

Today my young man and I went to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, having read endless positive reviews on the quality of this attraction. We arrived via the MRT (the tube, train or subway depending on where you live in the world), and were met by a volunteer guide, distributing maps and offering advice, such as the fact that the shuttle bus that is $3 per person all day, only runs between the MRT station and the Flower Dome, there are no other stops. Armed with this knowledge, and the fact that the map suggested it was only a few centimetres to the Skyway, we decided to walk.


It is so much further than the map suggests, and when you couple that with the crippling humidity, you get cranky, sweaty kids, and melting mummys! Considering this is a tourist attraction, and a garden, there is very little shade or reprieve from the relentless heat, and neither of the two souvenir shops stock fans or umbrellas of any kind.

After getting lost several times (the map shows the various areas only, not the paths that exist within each area), we eventually made it to the Skyway. A short elevator ride up and we were on our way. It is quite amazing how far you can see from the top, and there is very little sway from the wind which is nice. While this is technically disability friendly, the Skyway in some places is very narrow, suitable for single file only, meaning at times you need to stop to wait for others to pass first. For a bit of a change, I was fine to be that high above the ground, while my young man, Mr Daredevil, was not. During peak times (not advertised, more of a common sense thing), you are limited to a 15 minute visit.

After the Skywalk, we meandered through to the Flower Dome, a giant greenhouse, and tried to spot all of the hidden statues, including a Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, various owls, deer, dragons, and Buddhas. It was nice and cool inside the Flower Dome, and when you leave you can get a stamp to allow you to re-enter.

A quick nice long stop to rest my feet for ice cream (Kit Kat and Cookies and Cream for my son, Milo and Peanut Butter for myself), and we were off to explore the Cloud Forrest, a large greenhouse complete with waterfall, crystal garden, wishing well, Lego built flower garden, and lots of gorgeous moss covered stones and trees. Also more statues, there seem to be statues all over, but no signage to tell you why there are there or if they represent anything.

Once we had finished in the Cloud Forrest, we had pretty much depleted all our energy, which is not surprising really, considering we only arrived in Singapore at 1:22am today, after a turbulent filled flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne, and then from Melbourne, over Alice Springs, and on to Singapore.

We decided to head back to the hotel, where we spent the rest of the day swimming, eating, and relaxing in front of the TV. Tomorrow, we head to KidZania  and the Trick Eye Museum!












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