Disney Paris Love

Just a few more happy snaps from Disney Paris.

disney (1)

Parade time.

disney (2)

The Disney band.

disney (3)

I think the rooftops are so pretty.

disney (4)

I get a thrill each time I see this sign!

disney (5)

Main St at night.

disney (9)


disney (10)

Buffalo Bill’s, the only disappointment of our Paris Disney experience.

disney rides (1)

Dumbo The Elephant ride, pretty sure the photo tells you how excited this made me. It may be an ‘old’ ride, dated, and babyish, but I adore the classics, and the rides I enjoyed most are rooted in my childhood as the movies I loved the most.

disney rides (2)

My son loves these movies, and loved the ride. A firm favourite, I lost count of how many times it was ridden.

disney rides (3)

The Haunted Mansion, at night.

disney rides (4)

Again, a firm favourite.

disney rides (5)

The lead up to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

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