Curriculum 2019

Next year’s curriculum planning looks a little like this…

curriculum (1)

I have been busy not only writing and planning the curriculum, but also writing out individualised scopes and sequences for each subject.

Next year we are exploring Business (economics, law, marketing, project management, leadership, finances), Math (engineering and mechanics), Science (physics, anatomy, biology, chemistry, archaeology, palaeontology, environmental studies), Home Economics (budgeting, menu planning, shopping, entertaining, sewing), LOTE (Latin), History (modern history, genealogy), Social Studies (ethics, philosophy, criminology, sociology, psychology, tourism, politics, culture, customs, legends), Personal Development (etiquette, health, social skills, exercise), Computers (coding, touch typing, graphic design), English (literature, reading, writing, journaling), Media Studies (guitar, composers, film studies), and Art (appreciation, history, photography, architecture, woodwork).

While it sounds like a lot to cover, the individualised scopes and sequences really breaks it down and quite often one term’s work can meet quite a few of the study areas. For example, if you were to do a term on gardening, that would likely cover environmental science, biology, physical exercise, and life cycles.

It is also important to know that our curriculum is interest led, so these are topics that my son has decided he wants to study in depth, and I have simply made the curriculum fit around his interests.

If you are struggling with your own individualised scopes and sequences, I am more than happy to send you mine, you’ll just need to tailor them to your own child’s ages and interests.